How to Find The Perfect House Bowling Ball

Not certain how to pick the correct house bowling ball for you from the various racks at your local bowling stadium? 

Take a look at these tips, and you'll figure out the right and proper bowling ball in no time:

Focus on the 10-percent rule. 

Your body weight should have at least 10 percent weigh to the bowling ball (up to 16 pounds), which implies you truly shouldn't get, say, an 8-pound ball in the event that you weigh 140 pounds. 

You need some weight to the ball, but you may feel uncomfortable if the weigh is so heavy.

Make sure that the holes fit just to your finger. It shouldn't be too big or too small to the finger holes. 

The entire game may not be good if they don't fit just right.

Your hand shouldn't stretch. Beneath your palm, you should have a fit pencil and enough room between the ball and your hand. 

If the ball and your palm lightly touch, then you know that you're not gripping the ball too tightly or overstretching your hand.


Pointers For Buying Your Own Bowling Ball

After playing a bowling as a pastime and you know for sure that you want to pursue a bowling center, it's an ideal opportunity to consider buying of your very own ball. 

Since you have such a large number of alternatives with regards to choosing a bowling ball, keep in mind these pointers:

For beginners, the perfect bowling balls would be the plastic coverstock, tight budgets, and straight bowlers. 

Less than $100 would be the average cost and they don't hook much or even at all. This is a very affordable investment when you have your first bowling ball center.

Bowling balls with urethane coverstock are perfect for hook shots. They don’t absorb oil, and they provide more friction than a plastic ball, hence the powerful hook. 

Bowling balls with a reactive resin coverstock are considered an investment. 

They’re expensive, but they’re also perfect if you’re serious about throwing a mean hook shot because the resin digs into the oil on the lane, providing a greater opportunity for hitting the pocket.

For hitting the pocket it will provide a greater opportunity.

Throwing The Perfect Shot At The Bowling Alley

The perfect game with a higher bowling score of 300 by throwing the perfect hook shot. To gain a perfect hook shot:

1. Your bowling hand should straighten to the wrist.

The one that’s holding the ball, not surprisingly, is your bowling hand. Make sure not to bend or flex your wrist.

2. When you swing the ball out and back, make sure you hold your hand straight.

3. As the ball comes forward, start to rotate your hand, wrist, and fingers toward the opposite side of your body with your bowling arm.

Rotate your wrist toward the right, if you’re left-handed. Rotate your wrist toward the left, if you’re right-handed.

4. After you release the ball, your hand should finish with handshake position and near from your ankle to let go of the ball.

Inside the lane when facing the palm and pointing up your thumb and you should have a handshake position of your hand.


Guide to throw the straight perfect shot:

1. Your wrist should straight underneath the ball and keep your bowling hand directly into it.

To identify the main difference between a hook shot and straight shot is that "when you release the ball keep your hand straight completely through the backswing".

2. Your bowling arm should swing out and back.

3. Your palm and your hand should straight up to them throughout the game when you reach your ankle to release to the lane as the ball comes forward.

Good luck on your journey and hope this article will help you a lot. Please subscribe for more helpful tips. Thank you for reading!

From Bowling For Beginners 
By James Adelbert, Bob DeGraaf
Head Bowling Coach - Germany